L4D missing limbs

Hello, i have recently installed a skin for Zoey open jacket, and she is missing both arms.
Here’s a picture:

I tried to do the r_lod thing, but it doesn’t work.

Please reply.

Fixed the image for you

Thanks, i though you needed to wait for it to load.

Go to your video settings and set model quality to the highest option. Press OK. Press OK. Restart your game. Run the game in directX 9 mode. ( Enter mat_dxlevel 95 into your console and restart the game )

My game is already running at DirectX 9, but i tried what you said, and unfortunately it didn’t work.
Thanks for replying!

Open the mdl file in hex editor and change IDST1 to IDST,
Gmod is allergic to v.49 models.

I did change the value, but when i try to spawn her into the world, my game crashes.
Thanks for replying!

Then you probably messed the code accidentally adding or removing a byte. Just swap one symbol: 1 to comma or to 0 (IDST0 should do the trick as well)

It still crashes… I only edited the number of it and nothing else.

Have you tried reinstalling Garry’s Mod?