l4d models

EDIT:Problem solved thanks to Hunterdnrc. thank you Hunterdnrc

after download the machinima model pack of garrysmod.org, all of my ragdolls were like this…

After I deleted it, all of my ragdolls were fine except for my Left 4 dead ragdolls which look like this. I am still able to pick them up by an invisible area around their feet, walk in to them for 1 second then walk through them.

I belive that there is a direct correlation between the one killing floor survivor ragdoll from the machinima pack and the survivors from the left 4 dead folder. But I have no idea

If anyone has had a problem similar to this and knows how to help, it would be amazing if you could tell me. I have been trying to figure this thing out for 2 months now with no luck at all. The reason why I post this in the model section is because the similarities with the stances of the l4d models in game to how a model would look in sdk or any 3d modeling program.

Haha they remind me of that dead guy from the Ring

God damn, your right :D…I still need to find out how to fix it. I’m desperate to find out the answer

Whats the FBI guy from?

the machinima pack, but it fucks you models up if you use it and also he looks like that all the fucking time, so there is no point in downloading it.

I had to laugh at Francis on that one screenshot there. It sounds like he had a wedgie.

Go to your gmod foler, and in the search type in error, delete anything that pops up


Oh, thanks. I read machinima pack, I thought you meant the pack that has your hands by your side and what not

wierd, i could upload my survivors they all work fine.



not uploaded by me maybe these work for you.


you are my hero :smiley:

You made my freaking week.