L4D Navigation Error!

When I do nav_edit 1 then set walkable space, I do nav_generate_incremental (As instructed in video tut) then It comes up with

VPK: FastFindFile Attempting to use full path with VPK file!

and heres Compile for nav_analyze

Finding hiding spots...DONE
Finding encounter spots...DONE
Finding sniper spots...DONE
Finding earliest occupy times...DONE
Finding light intensity...DONE
Custom game-specific analysis... 11%%
NavMesh Visibility List Lengths:  min = 7, avg = 9, max = 18
Custom game-specific analysis...DONE
Generation complete!  0.3 seconds elapsed.
***VPK: FastFindFile Attempting to use full path with VPK file!
	File: d:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps\L4D_PlaneCrash.nav
Navigation map 'd:\program files\steam\steamapps\common\left 4 dead\left4dead\maps\L4D_PlaneCrash.nav' saved.
---- Host_Changelevel ----
Compact released 851968 bytes to the backing store
Executing listen server config file
Commentary: Could not find commentary data file 'maps/L4D_PlaneCrash_commentary.txt'. 
GetGoalArea: Cannot find SPAWN_RESCUE_CLOSET area in FINALE, thus cannot guarantee reachability of goal area. Using centroid of finale region...
GetGoalArea: Cannot find end area - no checkpoint or finale located.
 ComputeFlowDistances: ERROR - Cannot compute flow.

Some help PLEASE?

Read up on this. It will out do any youtube video.

Well I followed all their steps and it still give me the same error! My survivors don’t move unless I go into a different sector.

basically, either you have no checkpoint/finale, or they haven’t been set up properly. they can be a pain to set up properly, but if needs be, force the areas that you want as the finale when you use the nav edit mode… (mark finale/checkpoint should work i believe, after nav_toggle_in_selected_set) and do nav_analyze and it should work… not saying it will, not saying it won’t…