L4D: New Badass Zoey

other screenshots by me: can be found at: http://dp-films.deviantart.com/

I didn’t know playmobil was selling 1:1 guns. Anyway it’s cool.

Hmmmm… Yeeaa-nnna.

It’s good and bad.

I like the unconventional clothing (leggings :3:), but the pose isn’t very good. The gun doesn’t seem to have any weight and is clipping into her. She’s leaning over in a strange fashion. Also, while the head is good, a better angle could have been chosen to make it look more badass.

It’s the thigh highs that save it.
But jesus fuck those weapons are worse than the cock n’ balls.
It’s an average looking picture, not too pleasing on the eye.

zoey’s goth now i guess

The leggings were already part of the model: http://www.gamebanana.com/skins/109846

She has wizard of oz feet

that and scene queen