I dont know if it would work and i know the tank wont act as he does in L4D but…

I got an idea that might work im no genius in lua coding so im just requesting this.

What if you Got These Ragdolls:

And you gave them Actions of the hl2 zombies or even monsters?

L4d Zombie Action Replacements:

Witch=Fast Zombie Actions
Tank=Antlion Guard
Regular Zombie=Fast Zombie
Boomer= Poison zombie
Smoker=Antlion i guess…
Hunter=This wouldnt work unless you probly got a fast zombie action and gave it the same action as a barnacle so when the tongue hits em it sucks em in. i doubt that would work though.

Pretty much what im saying is Replace Those NPC’s From Half life 2 With Left 4 Dead Models and i dont know if it would work, im no genius in all that coding crap so dont flame me if im wrong.

i’m pretty sure that there has been a zombie Snpc has been made from L4D

Yes but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t move, and it just lays on the ground.

Yea, I’ve looked at it, That is all it does. But it would be nice to see some decent L4D npcs converted over to g’mod.

Uhh… Plastic, source doesnt work that way that you can just “give actions” to npcs, so I highly doubt you could have a smoker (Yes its SMOKER with the long tongue, not hunter :V) with an operational tongue. Giving a those models fastzombie/zombie/some other animations and making them into npcs could be possible.