L4d npc's

You can spawn left for dead models in garry’s mod as actors for machinima purposes.

as shown here

My question is, how did Eddie Smithson get francis to move around like that when by default he stands in the T pose ?


You need the animations file, it should be in the L4D folder alongside his character model


I have it, it plays in faceposer but not gmod

that is real fantastic use of sources faceposing

That was probably done with the choreographer and custom animations. The pretty complex faceposing points at that.

its the sdk, not gmod

So he green screened it?

This isn’t a NPC, he created an actor in an external modelling program, I’ve seen it done before in a video comparing actors (A ragdoll with premade animations) to the HAT tool. notice in the video he goes to choose between “actors”.

he didnt use max

Never said anything about Max. Just saying what I THINK. Just correct me if I’m wrong.