L4D Pilot Headset hack?

Could it be done? I’ve never seen it before, and having a headset prop would be a very good asset for posing.

As the title states, this requests a hack of the L4D Pilot’s Headset. I don’t think it matters which pilot model you use, so don’t worry about it.

Do you want me to rescale it?

Nice! I was looking for something like that

Same here. That looks awesome.

Does anyone want it or should I scale then release?

You should scale it please.

My bad, my internet’s been shut off at my house, so I haven;t been able to respond. But indeed, do scale it, please.

Maybe someone could re-skin it, give it a higher res texture.

I can do that.

That’s fine. Also, could you perhaps create a variant that does not include the Mic, via bodygroup changer, etc.?

Hey, whatever happened to this?

This is in need of a bump. I would love to see this finished.

I agree.

Disagree on the bump, it’s only been 20 hours.
Agree on the rest.

Is he still working on it? If so then there should be one without a mic and one with a mic.

Bump, for a good cause.

he looks ready to play xbox live

Oh, I just realized,has anyone tried hacking the headsets off of Kaffi’s PMC’s or the MW2 Ghost?