L4D Player Models

i have NEVER seen L4D player models or working L4D2 ones. so can someone please make some cos i have no idea how to 1. hex 2. rip and all that other bull shvic ( COD WAW nicoli )

god still cant get it looked at a tut and well i did …

not do :frowning:

The hell are you puting in COD WAW in here for. Also, you need to open your damn eyes. There player models of the L4D1 survivors, a t-posed tank, L4D/2 hunters, Nick, and the spitter have been made.

The survivors including Nick have broken necks, due to having more bones. So they will look messed up. The hunter and the spitter are ok.

1 did i say infected , no 2 thats why i said WORKING L4D/L4D2 survivors and 3 idk why i just like BULL SHIVIC as well as BULL FRIKIN HORSE SHIT


Er, why are you happy? You’re not getting anywhere if you criticise what we say. It’s almost impossible to make working ones, unless you want to wait a year or two.

If you want them, you need to download the SVN

Oh dead God… bony witch.