L4D Poses

Hi guys. Im pretty new to facepunch. We are in the middle of a snowstorm of where I live. So I decided to make some poses on rp_evocity_2



Hi xieneus. Nice to see you on the forums. :smiley: Love the poses, they’re really funny.

I lol’ed a little :stuck_out_tongue:
But you need to work on your posing and the camera angles.

Graphics seem pretty low…

Posing is unnatural and looks bad.
Always turn on anti-aliasing before taking a screenshot, too.

I’m sorry, these are just bad.
Work on your posing.

Truth to be told, the posing is somewhat awkward and unnatural. Camera angles aren’t that good either. Nor the graphics.

Just keep on posing and remember to use the zoom function on the camera, you should, by common sense become better over time. Oh and remember to max out graphics before taking the picture for maximum quality.

God damn calm down lol. These are his first poses. Let up a little. He will get better.

Calm down?
Why, who was stressing out?

Its called constructive criticism.

What ever people tell you, the only thing that will improve your work is practice. For my self I listened to the criticism, looked at other people work, but discovered just as much for my self. The idea is not to copy anyone, but pick up the general idea and do your own stuff on the basis of that.

Thank for all the suggestions guys. I will work on my posing and I did realize that the pics didnt have much of a realism feel to it (if any). So I decided to do two more. (Ignore the ZS pic that somehow got in the upload.)

I did a prop shadow from a light source test to simulate seeing a small horde of infected charging at a victim in shadow form :slight_smile: (Ignore the Hunter on the left, even though he may look like a person jogging in place, I will fix him)

I also did a slanted camera view of 2 infected running/climbing a fence with a hunter joining the crowd under a lamppost.

Thank you for your criticism and I plan to work harder on the posing, theme, etc…

But for now these two http://img39.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=zmbluevelvetrc10002.jpg

Put them in [img] tags.
I like the shadow one.

Use http://filesmelt.com/simple and follow these instructions.


You screen shoots get’s better represented this way. Your choice.