L4D Puzzle Maps?

I’ve recently been playing the sublime Research & Development Mod (check it out) and got back into the puzzles side of Half Life 2. Now i was wondering, could you implement this sort of gameplay into l4d, so the survivors have to find a crank to open the door to get through, working together to continue whilst avoiding the zombie hordes.

Now my problem is that you can’t pick up/throw/move objects like you can in hl2, would there be anyway to get past this or am i going to have to ditch this idea.

Thanks in advance.

Could play with parenting inputs and outputs.

Parent the object to an invisible gascan or propane tank; and you can pick it up

Clever idea, thanks for that. Anyone got any ideas they’d like for puzzles? I’ve got a few but the more the merrier.

hm how exactly would you make the gascan invisible?
a prop_dynamic for the object that you want to pick up i guess?

E: parenting a prop_dynamic to the gascan (prop_physic) does not work. the prop_dynamic doesnt show up

Emmm, what about people shoting and blowing it up by accident? Then you can’t finish the puzzle.

Too bad for you!

Or! You can re-compile the gascan model (Is included) with said prop and remove the explosive part.

There should be a flag for the canister, something like “Minimum damage to hurt”, and you can use that to make it invincible.

At least, that’s how it works mapping for HL2, I don’t know about L4D.

cmon you gave us the idea, now tell us how you did it. parenting a prop_dynamic to the prop_physics gascan does not work. prop_dynamic doesnt show up.

How 'bout “prop_dynamic_override”?