L4D SNPC Spawn points.

wouldnt it be cool to have a spawnpoint that spawns 5 L4D common infected every 2 seconds?

Gmod doesn’t support L4D.

well it should.

No it shouldn’t. It would further abandon users with lower-end computers, not to mention garry said he was probably never going to do it months ago.

FFS, there goes all my hopes of a good RP map.

and whoever marked me dumb is dumb.

He said hes not going to support Left 4 Dead with Gmod like months ago. Didnt you read?

Just play around with hl2 zombies.

Or if someone in this community coded a new NPC category via LUA to make l4d zombie.

could work.

I know if you want to play with left for dead go play it

but, i dont own l4d D:

Then you shouldn’t be able to access the models in the first place

demo, avatar