L4D style zombies

Would it be possible for someone to make a tool, or a set of tools, that allowed you to:
A. Add L4D style zombie NPCs to garrysmod. Not SI, Not the Tank, nor the witch. Just common. It wouldn’t require the common models and animations either, You could just recode the fast zombie. (As in: Killed in one hit by just about anything, limps around, and then when it spots you runs REALLY FAST right toward you)
B. Add spawn points for said zombies that they would pour out of.
C. Add a tool/swep that when used on an npc/(player?) would cause all the “infected” in the area to run towards them like they were barfed on by a boomer.
D. Have fairly customizable AI.
Anyone up for the job? I have a few ideas which this would help greatly with…

I’m not sure if this is possible.

Hmm… Are you sure about that? Ive seen stuff with points for spawning NPCs from, I see no reason why you couldn’t make a hordish NPC, and nodes that spawned them at random intervals (Or not so random if that fits your needs)

Lol. In my post it says I’m not sure, I second your request though.

I doubt you would be able to edit actual NPC AI in game but if we get a nice coder, some luck, and maybe some cake, this might actually be possible… :ninja:

Good point… Maybe a few variants of spawn points? 1 that has a steady, but slow stream of infected, another that has a random/ spurty stream of infected, and a third that has a fast steady stream of infected. (I would try to code this myself, But Im still learning, plus Im working on a mod :P)… ((Also, how was my post bad reading lol?))