L4D Survivors take refuge in a Museum

Zoey’s pondering if things will ever go back to the way they were before the Zombie Apocolypse.

Francis: “People actually PAID to see this crap? I hate ceramics…”

nice could i edit it ?

Didn’t know Francis was a art lover:) Zoey’s expression is well done. Nice work. Have a palette.

It look like Zoey lost her boyfriend, do you know what mean? :wink:

Yes I do.

(Moves faster than Devil Traitor)

Hey Zoey baby, let Rastifan comfort you:)

The bloom is a bit too heavy, especially for a night shot (even though there’s a fire there) but I like Zoey’s expression and Francis makes me lol.

Okay, sure.

I get the same complaints about bloom in a lot of my shots…sorry, I just reeeeeeeally like bloom. :smiley:

cool i’d barricade the windows and doors if i were them :stuck_out_tongue: although if you like bloom why not work for infinity ward they bloom there games x)

Everyone who makes console games likes bloom; helps cover up their obvious handicap in the aliasing and texture-filtering departments.

That and I happen to like the look of bloom lighting. It’s all bright and dramatic… :3

… and painful on the eyes in excess. You need to tone it down at least a little and take some of the colour out of it. Right now it’s too bright, colourful and unrealistic.

The bloom might be okey in zoey face but in the fire it looks awful, as Chesty said, tone it down a little bit.
Posing is really nice, especially faceposing.

And I spy lack of max AA for some reason…

That might be a mixture of the bloom and poor jpeg quality.

I do actually have my AA as high as my computer can take it. Also, the picture quality was set to 100.

Look at the edges on Zoey and Francis, Ughhh…
Chesty probably is right, might be the bloom :S

It really doesn’t look like that around Zoey’s shoulders. Did you edit the picture? If so, with what program? And in said program did you save it at 100 again? Where did you upload it and on what settings if multiple settings were available?


Lots of questions.

I meant 100 on the Gmod Screenshot settings. And I think my AA is at 4x, I could be wrong, though, I need to recheck it…I did some additions in Photoshop, but that was limited to just a little bit of white bloom coming from the window and the fire.

Also, I uploaded it to DeviantArt.

everythings is ok, i not a PS professional but the broken windows can receive some effect? just curiosity

What? I broke the glass in-game with the pistol and the crowbar…

no i know i am saying: to put a effect on photoshop could make it better?