L4D Vehicle port

I’ve ported all vehicles from L4D (including Crash Course)

So enjoy

Most of these were ported already, except the crash course vehicles and some others so good job

Thankyou I’ve been waiting for that Howitzer forever

Can you do L4D2 vehicles too?

Those crashed helis look fucking useful, thanks :smiley:

Can someone remove the CC vehicles an reupload them on their own please? I don’t want to redownload the other cars.
The Howitzer and van look great.


Can you change the color on the cars with skin switcher?

He just copy/pasted the files, you are gonna need to use my pack for that.


I’ll do the L4D2 vehicles, but my holidays are over, and I’m going back to school. So it will be delayed. :confused:

But I’m starting on it, you guys might get it on Wednesday

Sweet, I’ve been looking for that huge monster truck thing from Crash Course, but I don’t have L4D.
Cheerio, mate :cheers:

Monster Truck?

More like a Armoured Truck :v:

Having a little trouble with the L4D2 vehicle port… they’re all invisible :confused:

does this pack have the police siren lights in it

Woah where are those destroyed helicopters located in the game? Never seen them before. Expect the one you start from in the Crash Course of course.

Though it was done already, thanks for becoming a secondary choice for a download.

Yes it does.