L4D version of hammer

I have the L4D version of hammer, and i was wondering if there was a way i could make maps for GMod/HL2…

If there isn’t, is anyone willing to let me send them a map, then change the neccessary things, and compile it?

Thanks in advance.

Why don’t you just use the normal version of the SDK to make the maps?

Because i don’t have it, and moneys hard to come by when you’re 13…

It’s free…


Only if you own a source game. L4D only comes with the L4D Authoring tools.

Well, until L4D works with Gmod you can’t do much about it. As far as I know.


And oh, porting ALL of the models and textures is just not feasible.

Why do you want to make a map for a game you don’t own?

If you already have hl2 and gmod then you will be able to dl for free. If not, then you can’t make maps for hl2/gmod.

I don’t have HL2, i have GMod.

Do you have any other game than GMod or L4D because GMod can’t run without any other source game like CS:S or so.

If you have GMod, I’m assuming you own at least one other source game, like DoD or CSS or something.

Go into the steam window, and click the tools tab and see if you can download Source SDK from there.

It looks like from the Steam store that you can purchase Left4Dead and be able to purchase and download Garry’s Mod even though its the wrong version of Source. This is because I believe that he gets the Source SDK Base with Left4Dead, but the Source SDK tools from the Orange Box Source Engine are unavailable to him.

Though that would be weird of Valve to do.