L4D: What texture for reflective glass ?

I have noticed that L4D has no reflective texture.
Maybe it does but I miss’d it. I would like to know which one is it then.

I don’t know if L4D has the func_reflective_glass entity, and I can’t check from here, but if it does, just port the material over from ep2 (glass/reflectiveglass001). If not, you’ll have to fudge the effect using a water shader and a custom vmt.

  1. It has func_reflective_glass
  2. I couldn’t find it with GCFScape in EP2. Can you provide me with link to it maybe ?

No, I don’t have steam on this pc. I’m guessing from memory. There should be a folder called glass in the source 2007 materials folder IIRC and the vmt will be in there, you’ll need to extract and check what vtfs the vmt uses.

Theres no such texture, told you :stuck_out_tongue:

This page says otherwise.

I’ve readen all of that, seems like it no reflective glass works in L4D.I downloaded custom one and it doesnt work properly either, its like when I am far, it shows pretty good but doesnt show what floor is it. When I am close its same, doesnt show what floor is it and shows something really messy, I move my mouse then this moves with me, like its part of my screen or w/e

I had that. I forgot to nodraw the other sides besides the front, so it rendered weird.

Called hall of mirrors effect, similar to seeing the void. Can’t do anything about it in that case. (I don’t know if it works in L4D as I said, can’t test, but if you’ve set it up correctly…)

Firegod help’d me and I’ve fixed it…