L4D, Zelda, Samus Zerosuit and other many ragdolls problem

I’m having a big problem with these ragdolls : They are considered like props in a idle position (i think this is the good name for the “T” position). I can’t do a screenshot now (not the good computer for gmod) and i’ll do it in a few days. I hope that someone can help me.

(Sorry for my english if there are mistakes)

J’ai un gros problème avec ces ragolls : Ils sont considérés comme des props dans une position “idle” (je crois que c’est le bon nom pour la position en “T”). Je peux pas ajouter un screenshot maintenant (pas le bon pc pour gmod), et j’en ferais un dans quelques jours. J’espère que quelqu’un pourra m’aider.

Hm… do you say they spawn as props? T-Pose? And not as actual ragdolls…

Yes. And they’re supposed to be a ragdoll

I think he means that ragdolls spawn in the jesus pose.

and are as if you petrified it.

I had this too… I don’t know why it happened and I ended up clearing my gmod files. I think the source of the problem is in the models folder…

I think too

I try redownload L4D models, i hope that works now…

Open up your gmod folder, search for error, delete everything, problem solved