L4D Zoey Snpc

We all know what she looks like, right? If cha dont… Look at some of the pictures

Well, it’s just Zoey from Left 4 Dead. I also had a thought, if she died: She made one of her death sounds. And if you shot her she’d yell “Stop shootin’ me!” It’s just a suggestion.


I mean, who doesnt like Zoey. She fights with style!

The only reason i dont like her is because valve called her my name. Now whenever im found in a game, im asked Is your real name zoey, or are you a l4d fan… Anoyying, But seems like a… wierd idea?

I think you would need the Model with its animations in it for a starter.

Whoever makes those player-models, (I think it’s Shotgunguy) could probably do this, but I don’t like speaking for other people. If he can make it a model with the alyx animations I can make it into an NPC.

I can do this if someone just gets the models and materials into the correct format with correct animations.

lol U Zoeymcoop? Its me :stuck_out_tongue: Sgt Pancakes :D, And, i think it is possible to port the anims, takes a good few hours though (for me lol)

Sorry to be speaking for her but yes, Wizey is Zoeymcoop.