L4D Zombie lag?

Hey guys, since about, the last month or so I’ve had this spontaneous error with my L4D zombies. When ever I spawn and move them my FPS rate drops like crazy.

But that’s the point… it’s only if they are moving. if I freeze one solid or statue it the lag stops immediately. So what the hell is this? is the lag being caused by the Phy somehow? because that sounds pretty outlandish to me.

I mean it’s not the textures, as I can load models with way higher quality and resolution textures with no slow downs, and why would it only happen if the ragdolls moving?

Seriously confused here, if anyone has any ideas let me know.

I have this same problem!

oh shit me too. wonder wtf it is.

I recognize it too.

I had heard about it before, but at the time I assumed it was just a one off wild card error someone had got, but now it’s hit me too and clearly alot of others.

Even if a fix isn’t of that high importance, it would still be interesting to know just what this error is.
Currently I’m assuming it’s the Phy, so I’m going to play around replacing them and seeing what that does. All i need to do is find a suitable replacement