L4D zombie ragdolls lag game

Hey everyone, I recently mounted Left 4 Dead into Garry’s Mod on my own and I realized something. It came with all the zombie ragdolls which is cool and all, but when I spawn one of the zombies, the game goes to 30 fps. Only when I spawn the surgeons it doesn’t lag. I really need help.

Happens to me too. I7 processor and gtx 260. Its not just you.

That sucks


bump please? Anyone got a solution?

Its the models. It dosen’t have anything to do with you. (I think)

Oh, :(. I remember the first time I launched Garry’s Mod with the zombie ragdolls in it, they didn’t lag when I spawned them. This really makes me mad. I wanted to do poses and stuff but I can’t without lag from hell.