L4D Zombies

Tricked you, don’t post that they’ve already been released for Gmod, I’m aware of that.
Although I’m wondering if any of the zombies have been ported to .max files, or something that can be opened in max. All I’ve found capable of being opened in Max was the Survivors.

Any info is appriciated.

Try decompiling them (though I can’t get it to work), then import the reference smd, will be the same.

Yea no decomplier works on them, they have a different setup, it would require a new decompiler specifically for L4D to do.

I can get the vta files I just cant get past that bit (it just crashes). (had to change the IDST0 to IDST, though in the hex editor to get that far).

What? I can open the zombies in Max. I think the problem you have is you’re not adding a .phy model. Take common_surgeon_male01.phy and copy + rename it to the zombie you’re trying to decompile. Then open the .mdl file in XVI32 or whatever hex editor you have, and change the IDST1 to IDST,


They don’t have flex files AFAIK. The L4D zombies use animations to move their mouths and shit. You can also try asking Valve for the .max files for the zombies. I doubt they would give it to you, but they gave me clean zombie textures so maybe.

Odd. There wouldn’t happen to be a small guide on that would there? I understand your explanation, but its a bit vague, so I’m not getting anywhere, haha.

  1. Get Cannonfodder’s MDL Decompiler (Or Studio Compiler, since that comes with a decompiler too)

  2. Get L4D infected pack (http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=56957)

  3. Go into models/infected from the pack you downloaded. Look around for a file called “common_surgeon_male01.phy”

  4. Copy that file and rename it to the zombie model you want to decompile. For example, if you want to decompile the zombie in a suit, paste the copied common_surgeon_male01.phy and rename it to “common_male_suit.phy”

  5. Get XVI32 (http://www.chmaas.handshake.de/delphi/freeware/xvi32/xvi32.htm) and open common_male_suit.mdl with XVI32, or whatever zombie you’re doing. The model is split into 2 parts. The left side, and the right side. Left side has a bunch of numbers and shit. Right side has some weird characters and words. On the right side, there should be something like “IDST1” Put your mouse on the one and press “,”. Don’t press backspace or anything. Ctrl + S and exit.

  6. Back to the decompiler, run it (You should put it under “C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\USERNAME\sourcesdk\bin\ep1\bin” if you’re running Source SDK under Episode One, which you should.) Find the MDL Decompiler part. Put in the folders you want it to extract to, and select the .mdl file for it to extract from. In this case, common_male_suit.mdl. Click extract and wait and hopefully it should finish.

  7. If you don’t already, get a .smd plugin for your modeling program of choice. Cannonfodder has .smd imports for 3DS Max for versions 5, 6, 7 and 8. (http://www.chaosincarnate.net/cannonfodder/3dsmax.php) Wunderboy has an importer for 9, 2008, 2009 and 2010. (http://www.wunderboy.org/apps/smdimport.php) Milkshape 3D has an .smd importer built in, and I think there’s one for XSI and Blender as well. Install them in the right directories.

  8. Import the decompiled common_male_suit.smd. There’s probably a shit ton of files when you decompiled it. Some are lod models (Level Of Detail, so when you go back it doesn’t load the high poly model and lag when there’s a bunch on screen) while some are bodygroups for the gore. You’re probably going to find the ones that say “U01_UpperBody_male_01” or “H01_Head_worker_male_01.dmx” and import them as an .smd.

Hope that helped.

Ah, thanks man. Yea that works. I appriciate the help.

Ah so thats what they are, thankyou been wondering what these are for ages ^^

So, staying on the same subject, how does this apply to opening other files in Max? Such as vehicles>airliner_finale_left? Theres many .phy files, and none of them have the IDST1 in the hex.

you have to decompile them, by changing the IDST(value) to IDST1 with a hex editor first (though this doesn’t always work).

Well, using airliner_finale_left as an example, there is no IDST in the hex values, theres VPHY, and IVPS0, but no IDST. So it makes me think they have different properties?

probberly, the IDST1 thing is the value for the VVD version. I have no idea what those are try changing them to IDST0 just overwrite what you said there with it, see what happens when you try to decompile (remember to back them up).

Turns out I was opening the wrong file in Hex, objects do have the IDST1 thing, but when you change it to IDST, and attempt to decompile, it loads the file fine, but then shoots up an error of missing files, such as

Unable to load
No Reference Decompile

Left 4 Dead is using a different source engine. Maybe that has something to do with it:?:

Shouldn’t have much effect as the models we’re trying to decompile are converted to work in GMod (Orange Box) engine, but it is why the issues are there yes.

Well, if character and zombie models, or more a less anything that isnt static, can be decompiled with a simple hex edit, then there has to be a logical solution to decompile L4D objects as well, other than building a new decompiler of course.
And …remote ripping of static objects is also a problem because no software such as 3DRipperDX or the like will work on steam applications.

If you can decompile the ragdolls, objects would be dead easy (and you dont need to use 3D Ripper DX, you can port the objects same as the ragdolls, like I did).

well thats exactly what I’m trying to do, is decompile objects, such as the wrecked planes, etc, but they encounter errors and fail to decompile.

Then just remodel them :atp: