L4D1/2 Map Ported Directions

Umm…I – I don’ even know where to start here.

Well, I’ve been hearin’ a lot of Maps are being ported to Gmod from Left 4 Dead 1 and 2. I’ve found a few of them, but I think there’s several others I’m missin’. F’rinstance, on one thread, someone said they had the Blood Harvest Map(s), but I can’t find them. Anyone wanna direct me to the ones I’m missin’?

Here’s what I have already to save some time:
No Mercy’s Offices (Clean)
No Mercy’s Hospital (Clean)
Crash Course’s Campaign (Dirty)
Dead Air’s Airport (Clean and Dirty)
Dead Center’s Hotel (Clean and Dirty)
Dead Center’s Highway (Clean and Dirty)
Dead Center’s Atrium (Clean)
The Passing’s Bedlam (Clean and Dirty)
Dark Carnival Arena (Clean and Dirty)
Dark Carnival Highway (Clean and Dirty)
The Sacrifice’s Bridge (Dirty)

Like I said, I don’t think that’s all of them. Anyone know where the rest are?

what are you doing ?

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They haven’t been ported

  1. If you want to port them, get BSPsrc and decompile whatever maps you want.
  2. Now get a hex editor (preferably XVI32)
  3. Go to “search” and click “character conversion”
  4. Find the key “1B” and type into the Replace Character Area: “2C”
  5. Save it so you can load it for all the other maps

Now you have a decompiled and easily manipulatible map for any Source game.


– The texture problems are because I ported all my l4d2 stuff to EP2 so it didn’t completely work.
Most of the lighting problems are from the map but can be fixed. Some maps “Like the ones that have been ported” have either had those fixed OR they have been good to work with in the first place.

Dude, it’s not that hard.

The only actual work you need to do would be any map editing you want…

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You mean “what are you doin’ ?” ?

Build your cubemaps and adjust the lighting, christ Chaingun




tips: http://www.facepunch.com/threads/1094154-Tips-Make-working-again-the-old-porting-of-l4d-1-amp-2-maps

I don’t plan on actually porting them. I was just showing that you can do it.
Oh, and the cubemaps appear out of map boundries by default :expressionless:

The lighting I can’t seem to fix.


You are right, though. Anyone who is actually porting them needs to know that they work best in Gmod and also that the lighting gets screwed up.


Danke, Kamerads!