L4D1 and 2 Hammer won't start.

When I try to start either L4D1 or 2 hammer through their authoring tools, it poops out with these 2 errors (The same on both of them, except the file paths, L4D1 looks in its own folders)
Notice that hammer is looking in my DVD drive for the txt file, and the \bin\vconfig folder that Vconfig is looking for doesn’t exist.
The gameinfo.txt file does exist in the actual Left 4 Dead 2 folders, and why i try to make a vconfig folder with the gameinfo.txt in it, vconfig crashes when I try to start hammer.

I’ve tried to verify the game cache and reinstall.

It was working until last week

Have you changed anything at all?



I fixed the issue with Hammer looking in the dvd drive, but now its telling Gameinfo.txt doesn’t exist in a folder where it clearly is.

I still need help here :ohdear: