L4D1 And L4D2 Characters With Greatly Improved Physics.

Here you have all the characters from both L4D games with improved physics.
Tested and verified by yours truly. This also includes Zoey from the previous thread.

Many thanks to Wingwolf for hexing them and putting them in glorious addon format.
Again thanks to Romka for the phy file.

Have fun.



DOWNLOAD http://www.filefront.com/17430259/The_L4D12Crew_Improved-Physics.rar/

Thanks mate, that will help ALOT with making screenies.

Ellis is dead

Oh god, once I get around to gmod, this will be put to good use.

Very good


Great, now do the common infected.

Yes! Now I can finally do those martial arts poses I’ve always talked about but never done!

I love you,man.


Guud wok! But now it’s my turn!

Now the L4D team can do a salto and go Karate on the zombies, hell yeah! :v:

Aye. Even Coach can do a round house kick and send some unlucky infected in to a wall, or through it.

Coach has never been this awesome.

Needs more infected ones, mabye a fix for the stupidly heavy arm on the charger that makes him nigh on impossible to pose. Anyways, this one is epic. Thank you very much!

You are all quite welcome. I was fed up with the stiff uncooperative models. Then I decided not to take any more lip from the Valve physics.

Weeeee, I helped something useful for once :smiley:

Just a note, their feet physics make them float above the ground without No-Collide World.

I love you Rastifan.

Awesome, I might even remake this screenshot.