L4D2 Addon Format

I would gladly appreciate if somebody made the l4d2 models into addon format because I just find it to much hassle having to install every file individually so yeah can somebody please make the L4D2 models into addon format.

Paste the files into a folder and add a txt file called info with this in it:

	"name"		"(Addon Name)"
	"version"	""
	"up_date"	""
	"author_name"	""
	"author_email"	""
	"author_url"	""
	"info"		"(Addon Description)" 
	"override"	"0"

then you can put what you like in the right hand “” (except for the override as it’s suppost to do something, though it doesn’t). It will now be in addon format, paste into your addons folder. Done :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks but can you tell me how to make a spawnlist?

Go in-game and find them in your browse menu and then right click on one and go to “New Category” and just do what it says.

Oh ok thanks that will work, I just meant the code but that will do.
And I hope i didn’t sound like an asshole saying that :v: