L4D2 addon models to Garry's Mod

Hello. Is there any possibility to make works l4d2 addons on gmod like models of weapons or characters? Thanks

I thought Garry’s Mod supported L4D2 models? Do you have the game installed and mounted in Garry’s Mod?

Yeah I have it but I don’t mean that original I mean that addons from L4D2 if they are mountable in Garry’s Mod.

Gmod doesn’t support most of the newer source game’s (L4D2, CS:GO, Portal 2, etc…). I have no clue why the props make gmod crash tough, maybe there is different physics or rendering problems. When you spawn, as example, L4D2 Ceda tent, it changes colours when you push/move the object, same thing for the CS:GO and L4D2 trucks.