L4D2 blizzard similar to Hard Rain's storm.

How would this be achieved?

I’ve tried a crap load of things so far, which includes looking at the entities Valve used for Hard Rain, but to be honest it’s completely insane and I can’t get a logical idea of it. I’ve even tried tweaking it so it would look more like a blizzard than a storm, but it didn’t work.

SO! How would you guys go about doing this? The effect I’m after is the fog fading in and all that, exactly the same as Hard Rain, but instead of rain… Snow!

Is it even possible?

Well I think a good place to start is a custom particle system. I don’t know how valve did it in hard rain but I’d assume it’s a particle system. You can’t just change the texture of the rain to a snowflake. Snow has completely different properties than rain.

Unless you know lua and how to work the particle system you wont be able to make it yourself. I suggest making a request in the LUA scripting part of the forum.

Valve didn’t use LUA at all, and it’s for L4D2.

it was with a particle system I know that.

Isn’t there an entity in l4d2 for rain?

It was func_precipitation with particle effects.

Actually L4D2 uses vscripts which are coded in squirrel which are similar to LUA.