L4D2 Call of Duty zombies WIP (need help)

Hey Facepunch !

Well over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to come up with a project in which I could milk L4D2’s game logic to a point where the gameplay is completely altered. I decided to throw myself into a ridiculous idea and try to recreate COD’s zombie mod the best I could, not even knowing if it was even possible before trying.

Now what I did is map a basic “dev orange textured” and try to code the gameplay in. So far, it is currently working. Basics are there and it’s playable. Yay ! To proove I ain’t lyin’, here’s a video of a very early alpha build of what it could look like…

But before that, spoilers ! This video contains :

  • French language
  • Awfull video editing
  • Bad video quality

NOW, ATTENTION PLEASE : As stated before, it’s an early wip ! Here’s a “to do” list to refine this mod…


means it’s already done (but not shown on the video)


means… I need some help with that.

Yeah… so I’m kind of hitting walls recently. I know what I’m trying to achieve is doable, but I just lack the skills to actually implement it. So I need all the help I can get. If any of you guys are interested to give me a hand, add me on Steam or PM me, we’ll talk :wink: . Of course, contributing to complete this mod also means you’re going to be credited for it. There is no way I won’t write your name somewhere in the map !

What I really need though is :

A. Someone who is good at scripting. Top priority. These perk machines need to be functional for the ultimate experience !

B. Someone who is good with lightning in Hammer. Something I’ll never be good at. I require assistance.

C. If you’re good to deal with game logic in Hammer and you’re willing to give a hand, don’t hesitate !

D. Maybe playtesters ? So far, I’ve only played with bots and maybe another human player a few times. I don’t think it’s representative of the real deal and I need to be sure things are setted up correctly.

Well, I think that’s all. If you guys are interested in helping me, that’d be awesome !

I think this is pretty clever, however the Zombies at the start charge at you too fast. Maybe make some slow and some fast?

I’d be willing to help with the level design, give me a shout if needed. :smile:

I can help with lighting.

Unfortunatly, level design is already done (it’s only a test map). Though, if you have good knowledge when it comes to set up entities, that’d be great !

Sweet, add me on Steam if you want. :slight_smile: