L4D2 Clown Zombie

Could someone rip the left for dead 2’s clown model? He’s not included in the demo pack that you can download

The Clown’s textures are gray scale so some one would have to edit those and add color to all of it. Only reason I can remember

So is that really hard to do? I mean like if I had this model id never have to ask for anything ever again. Its the perfect model for me and id use it for everything

It’s just annoying and tedious

L4d engine has a series of shaders that allow Infected have different color combinations and Gmods engine does not reconize them so they look like lost members of the blue mans group. So basically I’m saying it would be a shit load of work to do this and I’m just a Hexer/skinner I’m not sure anyone will ever get the common to work

Alright I get it. Its hard to port this model. But if its hard to port common infected then how was the demo pack released on garrysmod.org? It has tons of common infected. Just curious about this by the way.

um only the SI was in it and they only have one skin

Only the SI and survivers, chap, and they only use 1 skin only.

lol woops misunderstanding. See I was thinking about the zombies for left for dead 1. I have both packs so I guess I wasn’t thinking. Yes I understand now. Thank you.