(L4D2) Cola Problem

I’ve been trying alternate methods of delivering cola, for a map i’m doing. But, for some reason, a prop_physics with the “cola” model won’t set off a trigger. I set the trigger flags to ‘Everything’, added a filter that makes it only activate with the cola model, but it wont work, and i’m out of ideas.

Help would be appreciated, need it for my map.

Isn’t the cola you can pick up classed as a melee weapon and spawned using a “weapon_item_spawn” entity?

No, its a prop_physics, at least the way I do it.

Any particular reason you can’t do it the same way they did it in L4D?

Because they didn’t have the cola mission in L4D?

Whoops thought you were taking about L4D2.

I thought you were talking about L4D1… :tinfoil:

In a thread that has L4D2 in the title…