L4D2 Common Infected

Hey all, I was hoping someone can get all the common infected in l4d2. I got the survivors and special but the common infected just top off the picture. Thanks I would really appreciate it and I’m sure others would too.

Not possible… yet, the texture sheets they use are fucked up and will not work in G-mod.

And the models dont have .phy models either.

You see, the CI textures are made in a special Valve way (go to extras-> Dev commentary-> play through it) so the game code and read it and change gradients, contrast, brightness and alot of other stuff sp so you don’t see the same infected twice, that’s they are so weird and almost impossible to export properly.

I haven’t been on Garrys Mod for some time, and so i’m not really up-to-date with the recent release of L4D2, and in fact nor for L4D1. Can you not access the models simply through Garrys Mod automatically, like you would with other Valve games? Must all/some of the models be extracted manually?

I didn’t get L4D on PC, so i haven’t been able to find out for myself.

Basically there’s 2 ways that I can think of to get L4D2 infected working in GMod. Neither are easy.

A. decompile them all, apply fixed textures (because they’re black and white) then recompile. Harder than it sounds.

B. Upgrade GMod to the L4D2 version of Source.

most likey this would destroy lots of addons like what happened the other time


gm_phys house

I think A sounds the most realistic but if you do get the common infected working I’m sure many people including me would be very thankful.

I can try that but until we get fixed textures, we arent going anywhere

I think this guy seemed to get figure out what to do http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=849531

The thing with the mapping is what I am trying to figure out, the closest I got was figuring this out


is that… Jimmy Gibbs Jr. !?

Yeah, hes apparently a very rare uncommon or just people claiming hes in game but their just using the console

Anyone make some progress on it?