L4D2 Common Infected

So Yeah, I’m decently sure this never got done but, it’s not too late to ask but. Possibly could someone port the L4D2 Common infected into GMOD?

they are in gmod, the textures are just very messed up

Like SonicHitman said, they are in GMod. The textures are bugged to hell though, so you’d be better off using the L4D1 common infected pack.

As the previous two folks have said, the textures are fucked because Gmod doesn’t have the right shader.
I once asked the creator of Gm_Mount2 if he could implement this shader, only to get drawn into a flame war that was completely unnecessary.
And since Garry hasn’t ported the shader either (for whatever reason, excluding laziness), I don’t think we’ll have ‘proper’ L4D2 infected for some time.

No shit, but, it’s pointless to just download the Infected models now that the Surgeon, Hospital Patient etc. are included in the Sacrifice and Cold Stream DLCs.

I’m pretty sure that is because Garry and aVoN haven’t found an experienced hacker who could find the source files for the “Infected” shader. Anyway, I believe someone (like BlooCobalt) managed to reverse the gradients and put on regular textures but I don’t know exactly how that is done. Though, I’ve looked at the L4D2 CI using Alpha w/o its channel and it turns out the textures were made from grayscale and…

(Fan-made story ahead!) Hey, I ever tell you about the time my buddy Keith stole a shirt and a pair of shorts from a Common Infected without any damage? Now, when he washed his clothes he figured out that they looked colorful and asked me to help and give them some color. We painted his shirt white with gray-white sleeves and his shorts brown, he was happy with their colors and went to put 'em on. We were both pleased when we stole some son of a bitch’s good clothes he could wear