L4D2: Construction Worker Infected

I was wondering if anyone is willing to make the L4D2 Construction Worker Infected?

PS:Don’t make the shiny stripes on the clothes

Thanks for our attention!

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You made the thread less than an hour and bumped it 2 fucking times already, fuck off

Sorry :l

Why make it? Surely port it, if it hasn’t already been done?

There’s a reason this hasn’t been done.

When you mount L4D2, all the infected textures are screwed up, including this one.

Basically, its already in the game, it just looks horrible.

ANd I don’t believe there’s any way to fix it until the shaders or something are made compatiable with GMod.

Mounting =/= Porting. If you take the model and its textures, then recompile the model and edit the .VMT a bit, the model should (in theory) work like it’s supposed to and not have the bugged textures. That’s really the only thing that can be considered a fix at this time.

Thanks for the answers
The only thing to do now its wait for the “shaders” fix

Or you can recompile the model and edit the .VMT’s as necessary. Either or.

Not a very pro in that

Guys i know this is a useless bump but i found a winrar archive that contain textures for ALL THE INFECTED


Drop this in garrysmod/garrysmod and have fun

Thank me later and Good posing

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PS: Needs Left 4 Dead 2