L4D2 Custom Melee - Arms Stretching

So I’m trying to create custom melee weapons for Left 4 Dead 2. So far, the rigging and textures seem to work perfectly. One problem though is, the character arms (or perhaps the weapon) stretches to infinity when using a different weapon other than the melee weapon. Seems to happen even when I don’t have the item equipped.


Does anyone know why? I heard it’s a sharedbone.qci problem but no one has really been giving me a clear explanation as to how to create one or how they work. Can Crowbar make qci files or is it only limited to GUIstudiomdl or model decompiler? How does one create a qci file? Is there any specifications to making this qci or do I just need it for that specific weapon?

Crowbar does not make qc or qci files, except as part of decompiling a model.

Everything you need to know about L4D2 weapon model replacing is in these two (old) tutorials by arby26, including info about “sharedbone.qci”:
Compiling L4D2 First-Person Weapon Models
L4D2 Weapon Compile Example

If you don’t understand something in those tutorials, you can get help in the Dead 4 Mods group chat. (I expect you to know where that is. :stuck_out_tongue: )