l4d2 Decompiled Maps

If anyone is interested here are all the maps for l4d2, decompiled.

How did you get this source?
Did you de-compile them?

Will they compile without errors using the just released l4d2 authoring tools (Hammer)?

I followed the link to your site above so I have the answers.

I am mostly interested in changing the entities, so I will use your sources,
update the entities and then use the -onlyents option in vbsp to update the original maps.

If that doesn’t work I will update my BSPEdit program to work with l4d2 maps.

Thanks again for this.
Valve says they will release these maps sources, who knows when if when.


no problem, I didn’t decompile them. They will compile just fine, as i have tested.

Reporting as warez

but not before downloading :dance: