L4D2 DLC fan art.

Lock this topic please.

Awkward posing,no faceposing,blurry,empty.

  1. Ok i will work on my posing.
  2. Face posing to a good one is hard.
  4. Dude i ain’t using flatgrass. Or construct. Flatgrass is empty.

Here’s what you should try and do next time.

  1. Save your game after every pose
  2. If people give tips on how to improve, note them down.
  3. Go back into your saved game and re-do the pose using the tips.
  1. My save is broken. As in it won’t save.
  2. I have Santz on my steam friends list.
  3. As i said in 1.

Dont caps.
Youre remembering on somebody…
Listen to steat1h cause his english and critism is much more usefull than mine.
You should do it or youll never improve.


Than try to fix it.

How? I can’t. I don’t script or anything. All i do is game read watch TV do stuff out side. I don’t Code,Script etc.

ReInstall G-Mod?
Some people reinstall it every month.

I should do that. Mine crashes too much. And for some reason, it sometimes saves and other times it doesn’t. Really annoying.

If they can’t save, then hell. Redo the entire pose. Take your time in posing the limbs. Stand in front of a mirror to see how you stand, lean against something to see how you do, etc. because right now, they all look very unnatural. Their legs should be spread out a little more.

  1. Good.
  2. No it’s not.
  3. Then don’t post it.
  4. The pictures are empty because the camera angle are far too wide, not because of the map.


Dude, listen to this guys, they are trying to help you improve.
And unluckily they are right about most stuff.

  1. On the survivors yes, yes it is.
  2. Ok if it’s to blurry then i won’t post it.
  3. Oh ok. I will put it in a good angle next time.

I am. I ain’t listening about the saving part since i can’t save.

Yup, they will stand around just like that. It’s pretty sad if you think about it.

Basically they’re all shit and you should work on your posing and faceposing.

And the posing and faceposing proves you can’t be arsed to do it properly, in other words, don’t post it or you will get flamed.