L4D2 Ellis Ragdoll Hitbox bug/broken

This is more of a bug that Garry should fix rather than needing help.

It seems that when ever posing an Ellis ragdoll from Left 4 Dead 2 that his right hand has a broken hitbox. When ever I want to pose his right hand, if I phys his palm or back of his hand, it doesn’t grab it. The only way I can pose Ellis is if I phys above his fingers in the air. About an inch above his fingers. This is only for his right hand, his left you can’t even grab above his fingers, you have to phys his hand normally. But his right has broken hitboxes. I’m not sure if this was Garry porting the L4D2 models in the Gmod 11 update a long time ago, a recent update, or VALVe’s fault when creating the Ellis model. But someone should either create a fixed Ellis, or Garry should fix it. This is the same for using toolgun on his hand for fingerposing and whatnot.

It’s not that bad, but it’s very frustrating when posing Ellis’ right hand when I make his hold a crowbar or something.

–EDIT: I just found out his left is glitched as well, but instead of grabbing above his fingers, it’s the very tip. So on his right it’s above, on his left it’s the tip.

—EDIT: Just found another glitch >.< but not about his hands. If you bone merge weapons onto Ellis it crashes Gmod instantly.