L4D2 Freeroam City Project

Okay guys, here is a little project for everyone who wants to join in.

I always wanted to play L4D in a more open way, with a big map that you can explore. The final version
of this project should be playable in Scavenge, with a higher timelimit and only a few gascans hidden throughout the whole level.

What i want you to do:

  • Make buildings that fit into a city / town style
  • With AT LEAST an interior for one floor


2. Joschach - pics
8. ep9832 - pics
12. FloaterTWO - pics
13. VaSTinY - pics
15. CoLD_IcE - pics
17. [CWG]RustySpannerz - pics
18. I - finished
19. I - finished


  • outer walls are 16 units thick
  • inner walls are 8 units thick
  • the walls of the first floor must be 144 units high, to seamlessly connect to the sidewalks [http://filesmelt.com/dl/lower.JPG]
  • the floor of the first level must also be 16 units thick [also on the pic]
  • use door and window frame models
  • if you need names for your entities name them “yourname_entity” (e.g. “bloodyscar_light1”)
  • do not place weapons or other items
  • aim for a grungy, dark and scary mood
  • you can decide about the amount of floors [it should be somewhere between 1 and 7]
  • feel free to use triggers, sounds and other stuff to create interactivity
  • optimize your buildings with areaportals
  • DO NOT alter the lightmaps. Either let me do it or just set the INNER VISIBLE faces to 2.

VMF Layout:

My custom models:

My finished buildings (so far):









PS: Who fucked up my code?

instead of giving you a random dumb rating. im gonna tell you that according to my oppinion, we have quite enough community projects.

Thanks for the opinion, but we dont have any projects for L4D (i guess?!). Im going to continue on the map myself but it will
take forever if I do everything alone, so why shouldnt i ask for help?

I think it sounds like a good idea. i’ll take spot 12.

I take spot 15. It sounds like a really good idea in my opinion. We need more L4D community projects and campaign addons where people work together. :smile:

I’ll join…

Give me a large spot :v:


13 please

17 for the alleyway

It is alright if i go over the edge of the space for an overhanging roof?

No problem on the sides that are not facing any other building. Could be a problem on the left side though,
depends on the house for number 11. Just do it for now, Im gonna modify it if it doesnt fit.

Does it HAVE to be in the dark :frown:?

Zombie Games being in the dark is way too cliche now.

I support this map.

I love the idea of a sort of L4D RP, where you just roam about looking for supplies etc.

Sign me up for spot 9.

I’ll take 9 if thats possible. Is it okay if I make it a tie in with my own map? It’ll be a shop type thing that advertises living space in a nuclear bunker. Basically a private company cashing in on the inevitable apocalypse. On that note, can I use custom textures/models?


cries 16?

Awww I wish I had L4D2 now.

So l4d vault tec?

Sort of, but different.

Okay, i just tested a little bit and I have come to the conclusion 14, 15, 16 and 17 wont work like that.
Im gonna connect 14 + 16 and 15 + 17.

Would that be okay shadow801?

I thought about making a day/night cycle but that stuff is still too complicated for me, and it wouldnt look good in source.

Day/Night cycle is possible, but surely not worth it, can we go with daylight instead? I can do the fog, postprocess, outside lighting and a custom color correction if you like?

Also, you’re talking about connecting 15 + 17, how will this work?

14+16 is perfect. Don’t use a day and night cycle by the way. I would prefer daylight or dawn/dusk.

Forget about 15 + 17, my mistake. Just connected 14+16, updated the vmf and plan.
Alright Ice, if you want to do a day setting, do it. I personally wanted to go into the horror / scary direction
but many people want a daylight map so I guess we can use that.

The fog will be a problem though, im pretty sure that we need a clipping plane in order to keep it playable.