L4D2 has created endless loading screen for Garrys mod

Hello. Recently I stupidly checked the box that put the L4D2 files in Garrys mod. I forgot that in order to have the L4D2 content I needed to re download the game so the files are in gmod. Welp I tried to get back into garrys mod and cant because its trying to load the L4D2 files and I dont want to re install L4D2 because it practically takes 2 days to do it. So everytime I select Garrys mod im stuck in and endless loading screen because Steams re downloading l4D2. Is there anything I can do so I can get into the Garrys mod menu and uncheck L4D2 so I can go back to playing the game?

no. reinstall L4D2, next time, be more careful

Yes there was. If the download stops Garrys mod will continue loading. Next time be sure of your answer and dont just post to post.