L4D2 Jukebox

I tried porting the L4D2 Jukebox into my map but it turns out invisible but the collision models are sort of there when you look at it in wireframe. Its probably easy for someone with a decompiler. Just decompile open up and save as a file Orange box registers? I don’t know I am no modeller. But yeah, I just want it for my TTT map. If I get the model I will try finish my map :stuck_out_tongue:

I used an extractor for the L4D2 packages and then used this vtxfixer.bat to I guess fix the stuff so that it worked in garry’s mod.

Too bad I just don’t remember the tutorial.


Yay for messed up reply system.

I got GCF Scape to get the models but idk what this vtxfixer is so if anyone knows the tut it would be nice.


Don’t worry I got it B) Thanks for telling me about vtxfixer little goggling and I found a tutorial on it so all goods now.