L4D2 Map gmod 13 problems

I haven’t played garrys mod in along time since the gmod 13 update (my pc couldn’t run gmod 13). now i have a new pc and i can play gmod but there seems to be a problem with the ld42 maps. is there any solution to this? plz help

If you talk about running L4D2 maps straight from the game, not possible, never has been. Running on different branch of Source Engine with different version of bsp.

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It also should say “Not Compatible” for a reason.

Launching Left 4 Dead 2 maps (same goes for csgo, l4d, etc.) directly from Garry’s Mod won’t work, since they are incompatible to the current engine branch that Gmod uses. You’ll have to port the maps over yourself which is a particularly lengthy process, but if I recall correctly several L4D2 and 1 maps have been ported over to Gmod through the years, so they are your best bet at playing the maps in Gmod.

it’s not too difficult a process to do, but it would still take a bit of time.

It would be nice to have the documentation available including how to identify and get rid of the L4D only entities.

I know there was once a pack of decompiled maps, but I never got to download them.