L4D2 MDL Boneweights? (3DS Max, Wormwall, Crowbar)

Hi all, have a quick question I’m hoping someone can answer. Finally got L4D2 models loading into 3ds Max via wormwall & Crowbar, but I don’t think the boneweights are importing, as attempting to move any of the bones causes horrific mesh deformities, like you typically get just sticking a skin modifier w/out modifying. Has anyone encountered this problem before / have a workaround?

Many thanks


ive never had an issue with decompiling L4D2 models and then importing them to 3DSMax
are you using stock L4D2 models are custom models? it could just be that the model lack boneweights

They’re stock models from the files found in the l4d2 folder. I’v attempted this so far with the AK 47 model, and with Coach.

Well, all of the L4D2 models can be found in the L4D2 Authoring Tools, in the Starter Kit (granted I think all of them are in .DMX format)

I’ll give that a shot, and see what happens. I’m finding it odd that it’s not loading. The boneweights are included in the SMD right? or are they controlled by a separate file?

From what I know, Wall Worm doesn’t import weighting correctly for every instance I’ve tried it with. It’s incredibly irritating.

That would explain why it’s not working.

Related question then, downloaded Blender and using the Blender source tools. Complete newbie to the whole blender thing, how the hell do you switch between animations?

I shall write a DMX importer for 3dsmax one day

Okay, a perk of having a student is having access to all of Autodesk’s stuff for free, so I’ve gone and got myself a copy of Max 2012, and have used Wunderboy’s smd importer. However, I now have a new question regarding the bone positions.

I apologise that the image isn’t amazingly clear, but basically the bones / mesh don’t seem to match up. The trigger is inside the handle, the magazine is inside the trigger guard, the cocking slide is in the butt etc. Is this another error, or is this how the model is supposed to look? If so, how do I go about editing the positions of the bones, as Max is reluctant to actually let me move them.

Bone position doesn’t really matter as long as it does what it’s supposed to do. (to detach the bone use the unlink button then I think you’ll be needing $bonemerge “bonename” in the qc.

Sorry to bring this a little off-topic, but is the DMX format similar to SMDs? I would love you a million times over if there could be a solid importer for Max 2013+ like Cannonfodder’s. <3

Just wanted to chime in. I’ve had no problems importing SMDs with proper weights into 3ds Max 2014. However, the functions for Skin are not identical between Max 2014 and older versions. I do not intend on addressing the weight problems in versions older than 2014 because there are already valid options for 2012 and older. So the gap is 2013. Your best bet is to use 2014+.

Now for cra0kalo to write that DMX importer… :slight_smile:

Actually, I was meaning to report this on the Wall Worm help forum, but 2015 is where importing weighting with animated models and SMDs completely messes up.

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I’ve updated 2015 to the latest updates and even reformatted a few times, just to make sure.

I was going to suggest installing SP1 for Max :slight_smile:

All I can say at this moment is to email me the Original SMDs/QCs and I will test them. My email is included in the WW download readme. I’ll attempt to find a solution.