L4D2 models and textures into HL2:EP2.

How can i add the L4D2 models and texture to the HL2:EP2 directory for use in HL2:EP2 Source SDK settings.
Many thanks if you help me out.

L4D2 models are compiled slightly differently than OB engine models. You would have to decompile the models and recompile them with the OB version of studiomdl. I’m not even sure if there are any tools to decompile L4D2 models…


textures pretty much work as copy/paste

Ok thanks.
How do i map for L4D2 then and can i add Hl2:ep and CS:S models + textures to that.


Anybody ?

L4D2 reads everything else just fine, you can copy everything over to the L4D2 directory.

Step-by-step method for adding L4D props into and Orange Box game

The example given is Gmod but it will work for Ep2, although I recommend using GCFScape rather than the VPK extractor linked to.

Ok thanks :v: