L4D2 Models not showing in hammer.

My L4D2 Models are not showing in Hammer, They are in my hl2ep2 folder and things and there in hammer, but they dont show up when you place them.
Anyone know how to fix this?

Did you use the .vtx fixer?


Nope, used GCFscape to copy models+materials.


How do i use this program?

It’s a batch file. Place it in the models folder (the actual folder containing the VTX files, you need to do it for every folder) then simply double-click it.

So like Hl2:EP2 models’s - material’s etc ?

Yes, where you extracted the L4D stuff to.

Ok thanks :v: Just to make this clear, Put it in models - double click. then Materials - Double click?

Nonono, do it like this: