L4D2 - nav_analyze makes engine hunk overflow

I’ve been working on a map of Cordon (from s.t.a.l.k.e.r) for a Left 4 Dead 2 campaign. The map loads up and works fine, until i try analyzing the nav mesh.
After running “nav_analyze” my map stops working and starts giving me the “Engine Hunk Overflow!” error.

If i delete the nav files then the map starts working again.

Does anybody have any idea how that’s possible? I always thought engine hunk overflow was something to do with lightmaps, not nav files.

If anybody’s interested in screenshots of the wip… Click

you fix it with this launch option

+r_hunkalloclightmaps 0

Thank Sgt.Sgt for this

There’s like 50 photos, so I only looked at a few, but the steps leading down to the trader need some work.

By the way, would you consider perhaps pakratting it because I have L4D2 on Xbox, not PC, and I would love to see a decent STALKER map. The one the STALKER roleplay server uses is crap.


Also, if you want, I recently extracted all the textures from STALKER, so if you want them, just say and I’ll upload.

Thanks battlefield. I knew about that already but i would prefer to find out what caused the problem - since the map loads the lightmaps must be ok. The problem must be something to do with the navigation mesh files.

Concerning ZOMG’s comments. Yeah, everything needs tweaking. I can pakrat it once it’s finished. I’ve got all the textures from STALKER. At the moment my goal is to use only L4D and L4D2’s textures - although it’s very likely i’ll retexture the map once i’m finished because details like that make all the difference and would give it a more authentic feel. I have got some models from STALKER which i’ll be using aswell.

I’ll make a thread for the map once i’ve got the first level close to finished.

Thanks for the comments and help.