L4D2 Older Model Fix Zoey

Hi there guys, back before the big L4D2 update there were 2 custom made Zoey player model/skins and they had been made really well, the idea back then and still now if i could get it working would still be original, and for me a popular download for a custom L4D2 character, some of you guys might even remember this custom player model skin.

The player model skin was original created and made by jeroentjuh and like i said did a great job, and Ive been trying to track this custom modder down but been unsuccessfully, to see if he could fix his original work so it could be re-released again.

So my question is would any of you guys be able to fix the problem with this model skin?? they stopped working after the big update last year like many other custom models did so it might well be a quick fix for some one who make’s custom L4D2 player model/skins, he actually did 2 versions of this he did Zoey Dress V1 and V2 now i still have both packs, so can email or pm who ever thinks they can fix the problem a download link, the file is in a VPK file format i have info on the VPK files that were in the original RAR files, so if you are seriously interested in help with the fix let me know.

Preview Zoey Dress V1


Zoey Dress V2


Have you tried re-installing?(The .VPK)

lolz when i saw the picture of zoey in the dress, my bottom jaw dropet to the floor

Where did you get that mod?

Well the mod first came out a little while after L4D2 was released, and what happens is when you install the VPK file and start the game when in-game you cant see the custom character all you can see is the weapon, or object she is holding.
No on the flip side if you guys remember this happend to a lot of custom character mods for L4D2 after that big update and most if not all the mods were fixed.

Now as far as i know these packs are the only ones that exist, so it would be great if a L4D2 moder who maybe after the big update for L4D2 fixed there own work after finding there custom mod you couldn’t see either so I’m hoping one of you guys will come forward and have a crack at fixing these packs, as i think they will be a popular download, and its always a shame when nice custom work is lost or cant be fixed, so here’s hoping guys :slight_smile:

Someone on the steam forums figured out a fix for this here.

For what it’s worth you could PM me or upload the VPKs somewhere and I can try to fix it for you.

i used the blue dress one since forever until Valve hated custom content

Need this models in Gmod :slight_smile:


hanks for your posts guys some ideas here much appreciated, so what ill do is send you a link MkTbKz
so you can grab these VPK files to see if you can fix the problem with them, also ill post on the L4D2 Steam Forums as well to see if we can grab some luck there and for a modder to come up with the fix, thanks again guys ill keep you posted :slight_smile:

Holy crap those are some low boobs.

I’m in the process of reuploading the VPKs now, but I have to say, the jiggleboned boobs on these models are kinda ridiculous…

Anyway, I will PM the link to 911rusty first and then let him post it so the link doesn’t get overloaded. In all, it was a VERY simple fix–all I had to do was follow what the thread I linked said to do–unpack the VPK, duplicate the .vtx so there’s a .dx90.vtx, and repack. Voilà.

i just want the skin and model, i dont want the HUD change.