L4D2 player model - switch the survivor?

Ok, basically I’m trying to take MrLanky’s Wesker model for Coach and assign it to Nick instead. I renamed the original Wesker files to their Nick equivalent (survivor_coach to survivor_gambler, etc.) and I got it working… only Coach needs the Wesker model for it to show up. So the mdl file is still drawing from coach. Anyway, I edited the mdl file with a hexing program and changed the few coach lines to gambler, made the vpk and… the game crashes when I try to load a map. Could someone please help me out here? :C

The rigs for each character are different so simply changing the namings of everything could… work… i guess but would cause many animation errors. That’s why lanky me n others have been making character specific models for the mod. If you wanna give it a shot at creating it yourself for a new character here is my tutorial:

or on … gamebanana

My friends blog with hosted character mods: http://ubtri.blogspot.com/

The tut was best formatted on l4dmods.com but the site has been down for a while now and I don’t think they are bringing it back anytime soon.

:stuck_out_tongue: I also made a few blacklight characters as replacement characters but I never got around to uploading them.

Thanks for the info! I’ll definitely look into those tuts and see if I can get this working. I knew about that blog; in fact, I’ve been trying to contact MrLanky or you because of that blog, so… got that out of the way. Lol.

Anyway, the Wesker model animates well enough on Nick, but it only shows up if I’ve got the same model for Coach enabled as well. Is that a good sign that some simple hexing might do the trick?

uh… sure… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sry The only way I know how to get these damn custom characters to work properly is by going through the long process of getting the model and painting the weights onto the l4d2 rig for a certain character n so on…

Also when ever Valve come out with a big update for l4d2 they tend to break the mod. I try to figure out what the problem is and fail but within about a week or 2 Lanky or someone will hit me up and be like. “omg! I figured it out!” and i will update the tutorial. Its a real shame l4dmods went down… they really had the best looking format for my tutorial.

I am looking forward to possibly making more characters for the upcoming l4d2 update. So the next time I take a crack at this character stuff Ill be sure to clean up the tut as much as I can.

Sry I can’t be more helpful. I made the tutorial but I’m still a total source modding noob. MrLanky is MrLanky on Steam fyi.

Alright, it might be easier to learn it this way then. I am wanting to learn this so I can start porting my own stuff too so, that works out. :smiley:

I really don’t think you can do what you want this way. All of the survivor skeletons for L4D2 are slightly different not only in height but in various “helper” bones. Some have these helper bones and some do not. If you want to swap the model, you’ll have to decompile and then reskin the model to the skeleton you want.

Alright then, I’m going to need some help. Lol. I’d like to simply paste over Nick’s skeleton in 3DS Max, then make all the necessary adjustments, but I’m running into some problems.
I imported Nick, deleted his Mesh, then deleted the bones from s-Low’s Wesker model and pasted that mesh over Nick’s bones. I merged them and, well… it doesn’t move with the bones. I’ve followed the tutorials to the best of my knowledge. : /

Don’t delete the Nick mesh until you’re ready to skin the Wesker model to the bones. Once they’re aligned properly, copy-paste the skin modifier from the Nick mesh to the Wesker mesh and then do all the necessary editing/and tweaking of the vertex weights. Be sure to activate the skin modifier first and then check “vertex” under the select section.

So, I should make Wesker fit Nick’s bones, not fit his bones to Wesker?

Yes; the results are usually better that way.

Alright. Well, Wesker’s T-posed when I import him, and… I must admit I could never figure out how to manipulate parts of the model like I need to. : /

I really appreciate all the hep I’ve gotten so far by the way, Thanks.

Use soft selection and mess around with the fall off settings as you select vertexes. Also make sure you turn on “Edge Distance” and experiment with edge settings as well.

Alright, I’m making progress now. :slight_smile: I copied the bones onto Wesker and now I’m trying to figure out what exactly adding “breaks” for the collision model means. This was never explained in mariokart’s ragdolling tutorial.

Also, I skinned my model to Nick’s skeleton and dragged the skin modifier onto my new model. The bones still move Nick though. Feel like a noob, but… what should i do?

Once you’ve aligned the Wesker model to the Nick skeleton, cut and paste the skin modifier from the Nick mesh to the Wesker mesh; don’t make a copy or instance. Once you’ve done that, you should be able to delete the Nick mesh.

It won’t really let me paste into Wesker’s modifier list. >_<

Actually, I don’t think it IS possible to paste modifiers into another object. I’ll have to find a way around that. Any suggestions? lol.