L4D2 PORT Ceda,Jimmy Gibbs or Mudmen models.

Hello i was hoping someone could port the L4D2 Ceda,Jimmy Gibbs or Mudmen models. I mean Ceda and Jimmy Gibbs models are not Dismemberment but the Mudmen are so i was wondering if anyone could atleast port Jimmy Gibbs or Ceda models.

CEDA is on the way, as for the “others” I will be doing them if I can… after I do the CEDA of course.

Oh and as for the CEDA, valve time kicked in :frown:

Well thank you plz send me the model or models when you can to me mmre@inbox.lt

If you have left 4 dead 2, download gm_mount2 and mount it into garrysmod, then go to browse and navigate to the “Left 4 Dead 2” folder, click it and look down its list and search for a folder called ‘infected’. There should be all the zombies including UCI and Jimmy Gibs/Fallen Survivor, though they aren’t textured correctly. But, thanks to FT’s ceda model if you extract it into the Left 4 Dead 2 folder it replaces the scorched looking navi head and makes it look like a person, just really pale white. It also gives you a scorched head.