L4D2 - press a button for a specific sound?

hi there guys, i have a small question:

first i should thell you this: i made a map some months ago (TUMTaRA) wich spawns SI by pressing a button, now they requested the same but with sounds.

so, i tried it out in hammer but it wont work.
all i have now is:

A Button-prop called “Saferoom_button”
a func_button called “Saferoom” with the parent set as “Saferoom_button”, with the following output: OnPressed, Traget entities name “Saferoom_sound”, Via this input “PlaySound”
and the “ambient_music” calles “Saferoom_sound” and the sound file “thesaintswillnevercome.wav”

but ingame, the buttons don’t even “glow”

could anyone help me? im fu**ed

oh and btw: does anybody know why the buttons are invisible in from a specific distance?

Don’t use ambient_music; it’s a generic entity that hardly works.

And you have to set the prop to actually glow from the director.


(button name here)

Do this for every button.

thanks :d it works, i uset Ambient_generic and it works just fine

Use invisible instead of nodraw for your buttons. Just good practice imo.