L4D2 Props

Hey, just wondering if anybody has been able to get the props from Left 4 Dead 2 into Garry’s Mod? I’ve got the props from l4d1 but i’d love to have the props from l4d2. Has anyone seen or done anything on this?

I would think a simple spawnlist would be enough? Have you tried searching garrysmod.org or the releases section here?


You can find the pack from there.
I don’t want to give a direct link, since i want you to do some work on finding them.

Well thanks for help, I did manage to find some of the props in L4D2 but there are still a bunch missing. I did get some of the stuff I’ve wanted so i’m happy but can anybody get any of the others?

I made a spawn list of key things you might need.
Here it is:

Why don’t you try downloading the Left 4 Dead 2 Dedicated Server in the Tools tab on Steam, wait for it to finish downloading and then enter steamapps\common\left 4 dead 2\left4dead2 (or left4dead2_dlc# where “#” is the value, from 1 to 3)\pak01_dir.vpk and extract your stuff? Use this in order to get the Vertex Files for the models http://www.mediafire.com/?juy2odzxnxh

EDIT: [To dvaderv2]Yep, he did. Now I’ll wait for DLC-mounting support, the AppID for the L4D2 DLCs is 870

Wait a second, didn’t Garry update Gmod recently so that it could mount L4D and L4D2?

Yes. I think it was…3 updates ago? Or was it 2 updates ago…? In any case, yes, GMod can now mount L4D and L4D2 content.

here is an updated set of spawn lists i made: